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Marketing Plan for HUAWEI P-Series Phone

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1. Executive Summary執行摘要 近年來,世界經濟的發展越來越全球化和一體化。在當今世界,誰能更快更好地融入全球市場,誰就能在全球市場上獲得先發優勢。隨著國內市場的飽和,華為將目光轉
1. Executive Summary執行摘要
In recent years, the development of the world economy has become more global and integrated.  In today's world, who can integrate into the global market faster and better will be able to get the first mover advantage in the global market. HUAWEI turn its attention to the international market with the saturation of domestic market. Product globalization can consider the company's market and resource distribution, improve product competitiveness, enhance industry competitive position, and maximize the company's overall interests. To quickly occupy the international market, we prepared the following marketing plan.
First we have used PEST analysis to performed external analysis of HUAWEI. Then we conducted internal analysis. We believe the business strategy for HUAWEI is mass market differentiation as HUAWEI is target mass market rather than premium market. Furthermore, the advanced technology of HUAWEI make it in differentiation position as the entry barrier is high. In addition, we had the BCG analysis to HUAWEI current product. Analyze whether the product variety and structure of the enterprise are suitable for the change of market demand, and decide how to effectively allocate the limited resources of the enterprise to the reasonable product structure, so as to guarantee the income of the enterprise.
They are developing distribution channels and offline stores. There are many similar products for mobile product functions in the current market, and the biggest risk is that cash cow may turn into dog,Therefore, we need to develop high differentiation、high customer satisfaction service products for future. We use swot analysis to analyze the enterprise's advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and threats in competitive market, and conduct in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the enterprise as well as positioning its competitive advantages.
At the same time, the advanced and cost-effective products play a vital role in the layout of globalization. We decide to use both Push and Pull strategy in delivery our promotion plan. Facing the regional market, we can promote different products to meet the needs of consumers,In the part of brand promotion, we can cooperate with well-known local media.
We will set up KPI to evaluate the results of the marketing promotional plan. We have confidence in the new product. With the new product, HUAWEI will be further recognized by the market and it will even stable HUAWEI’s position in the premium market and make ourselves more globalization in the market.

2. External Analysis on HUAWEI P-series mobile phones華為p系列手機外部分析
21st century is the information era, and people's life has been inseparable from the dissemination of information. The mobile phone industry is growing fastest. Because of China’s large population and potential market, in the future mobile phone market in China, the demands is still huge.
HUAWEI is a Chinese national enterprise that Chinese people are proud of it and its turnover keeps raising. HUAWEI P-series is the most beautiful and exquisite mobile phone in HUAWEI mobile phones. At the same time, HUAWEI faces a variety of market problems and positioning problems. 
2.1 HUAWEI Mobile Phones Marketing Mode
2.2 The Market Environment of HUAWEI Mobile Phones: PEST
2.3 Structure and Type of Competition
HUAWEI P-series mobile phone belongs to monopolistic competition because that,
Smart phone market has many manufacturers and HUAWEI has many competitors like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo and OPPO;
Entry into smart phone market has few barriers but there are plenty of competition;
Smart phone production and sale in the market are all different. Like HUAWEI has many series smart phones and P-series has many models. Meanwhile, all these series and models are easy to be substituted.
2.4 Type of Competition
HUAWEI mobile phones belong to Substitution Competition because the smart phones have similar features and functions. They are very easy to be substituted.
2.5  Competitive table
From the table, we can see the high brand value, variety to different customers and high quality is very important for mobile phone companies. Apple has high brand value and unique quality in global. HUAWEI has high brand awareness and sales volume in china but not in the other country. So HUAWEI mobile phones need to expand their brand awareness in global. At the same time, HUAWEI need to improve the quality and continue to develop variety.
3. Internal Analysis on HUAWEI Pseries mobile phones
3.1 Generic strategy of the company
Figure 1: Differentiation strategies for HUAWEI P-series mobile phones
HUAWEI P-series mobile phone is one of HUAWEI's flagship models. Its market competition strategy is a differentiated competition strategy. The main market segment is 20-30 years old consumers who have a certain spending power, pursue fashion, and like using photograph to record the details of life. The characteristics of this series are that the processor and chip may not be the most advanced, but the appearance design is the most fashionable of HUAWEI mobile phones, the manufacturing process of the mobile phones is the most exquisite, and the camera performance is the strongest.
There are two reasons for why the HUAWEI P-series adopts a differentiation strategy. First of all, with the widespread use of social media, the consumer group that uses mobile phones as a camera to record the details of life is getting bigger and bigger, and whether the camera function of mobile phones is powerful is one of the most important reference factors for purchasing mobile phones. Secondly, there are some gaps in processors and chips between HUAWEI and Apple, Samsung and other mobile phone manufacturers (Dambrāns, 2016), highlighting the camera function and design can help HUAWEI to promote its strengths and avoid weaknesses. 
3.2 BCG matrix analysis of HUAWEI P-series mobile phones
Figure 2: BCG matrix of HUAWEI P-series mobile phones
In 2012, HUAWEI launched the first P-series mobile phone (Luo et al., 2012). After that, the amount of sales has increased year by year. In 2017, the P10 series mobile phones have been sold more than 10 million units worldwide. Data for the past 3 years showed that its sales growth rate was greater than 10%, andP-series mobile phones account for more than 20% of HUAWEI's mobile phone market share (Lin et al., 2018), indicating that P-series mobile phones belong to star products.
HUAWEI P-series mobile phone has the characteristics of high growth rate and high market share as a star product. It can bring a lot of income to enterprises, and it has high development potential. It needs to increase investment to support its rapid development. However, it is worth noting that due to the rapid growth of the market and profits, it is easy to attract more competitors.

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