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美國大學申請:US college application

時間:2019-08-30 12:10來源:未知 作者:anne 點擊:
尊敬的先生: 我在寫大學申請書,希望能被你們學校錄取。我為你的學校餓了這么久,做了這么多的夢,以至于我走進了米斯/密歇根大學-安阿伯/南加州大學的大門。 Dear Sir: I am writing the col
Dear Sir:
 I am writing the college application with the expectation to be admitted into your school.  I, starving for your school so long time, have dreamed so many times that I am stepping into the gate of Rice / University of Michigan--Ann Arbor / University of Southern California.
My name is  XX,  Bohwen  and I am 18 years old. I am a senior high school student who is attending High school named Stephen's Girls College in HongKong. I have got average high school GPA of 3, average B,which occupies 50 percentile in the class. At school, I take the classes like Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math. All of these are my favorite subjects, which are brimming with logicality and challenge. Additionally, that the most thing attracts me is swimming and cello, which renders me maintain an emotion of optimistic and positive attitude towards life. Also, I always pursue what I want. Fortunately, I was assigned as the St. Stephens' Girls College Swimming Team Captain from 2013 to 2018. Meantime, I attended the St. Stephens' Girls College Orchestra Cello First Chair.
There are some reasons why I always insist on applying the major of Biomedical of Medical engineering in this school.
In the first place, I have ever attended plenty of extracurricular activities. I participated in leadership program of 24th HongKong Union for Young Leaders in summer in 2016. In summer of 2017, I also joined the student exchange program of Havergal college in Toronto, Canada. Also, I took part in HongKong Social Welfare Dept and Pharmacy Dept as a volunteer worker. On the foundation of these, I am willing to choose this major indeed.
In the second place, I have 2 years summer volunteer program, which allowed me to know move about medicine. What's more,my auntie is a doctor. My grandma is a nurse, my father is in biomedical engineering field. Under the effect of them, I really want to take advantage of that to achieve my dream of being a medical chemist. Furthermore, I am strongly interested in Health Science. All Summer volunteer work is related to hospital patient support group. Looking for sick people who needs help continually, I am so interested in finding new treatment method especially on cancer.
In the third place,particularly, I will always adhere to the medical field and contribute my effort to it willingly. In addition, when I have gained some ample knowledge and accomplishment,It will be ny first choice that my every patient will be treated carefully. I will bring the best and the most efficient medical methods to them.
 All in all,Why I want to apply this major of your university insistantly is that I always bear the ambition for the medical engineering. I am looking forward to your reply sincerely.


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