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留學生申請信范文:Personal Statement

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留學生申請信范文:Personal Statement I am a graduate who has studied in English major for over four years. I chose this field because I was fully aware of the importance of English in the future globalization.
留學生申請信范文:Personal Statement
I am a graduate who has studied in English major for over four years. I chose this field because I was fully aware of the importance of English in the future globalization. “Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.” This English proverb carries a vital message for my life ideal. During four years in Zaozhuang University, I made great effort to be part of English communication. Now I am looking forward to the way to broaden my views. The experience of western education will provide me opportunities to comprehend foreign language. Therefore, I would like to apply your university as an international student for the study of MSC Translation and Interpreting. 
I still remember that my initial perception of bilingual translation just started from the book “Bookworm”. This series of Chinese-English bilingual storybook present the glamour of the diverse language to me in my childhood. I found that I can discover little worlds behind every English word. Based on this interest in linguistics, I chose the English subject without hesitation in Zaozhuang University where a superb academic atmosphere for my study has. During the past several semesters, I have been studying English Reading, Grammar, written translation and verbal translation etc., and earned satisfying scores(average secore:88). During the third year I was rewarded with the Second-Class scholarship from school and studied various courses about language, I know the courses that the language school provided for us are not enough to prepare myself for the further study in this field, I particularly attended the postgraduate courses like Bilingual Communication every week, and even the tutorials in order to make up my lack of oral interpretation.
My desire to better comprehend the English language lead me to make numerous efforts on the Translation and Interpretation Modules. Firstly, the vast depth of culture and history in Europe attract me a lot. These cultural deposits explored the true essence of the Translation and Interpretation. Translation and Interpretation also help to establish the communicating links between countries in terms of culture, economy and politics. For me, translation and interpretation is more than a work which translates a language to another. It is more likely a creative work which bears my own personal emotion and comprehension. It is a different embodiment of the literature and art.
Personally I am very open-minded and fast-learning, my various hobbies including: music, reading and outdoor activities. Piano is one of my strong points. I have gain the Music School of Music Piano Grading Test level 8 certificate. On the other hand I particularly enjoy teaching young learners English. I can bring the elements of music into my English teaching classes to help children to learn English easily. I chose to teach in Private Teacher Company as my part time job. When I taught the English knowledge to those young learners, I found a number of regular language patterns of English that I know how to write but difficultly told why they should write like that. The more I taught the more I found my shortage in this area. Moreover my diverse internship and part time work at various organizations-- teaching assistant of the foreign teachers in my university and simultaneous interpreter for overseas-funded enterprises. These works raise my level of language and translation capabilities in practical operation. 
Being the monitor of the class, the vice president of Student Union, I not only built my core capacity but also prepared myself for more diverse work as required in senior or top management in the future. Apart from immersing myself in academic study for most of the time, I am also encouraged to participate in various college activities. In the first year, I built up an English club of my own aiming to pursue language acquisition efficiently. I also active participate in the contests in terms of English. For example I used to won the first award in oratorical contest and the second award in interpreting contest of our university with module tutors’ help.
Studying languages at university will provide me with a thought provoking and stimulating experience. It will give me life-long transferable skills and a high level of fluency in two languages. It will extend and develop my enthusiasm for languages. I am convinced that Translation and Interpreting are the choice for me. I am greatly interested in Translation and Interpreting and strongly desire to explore that field in the future. I believe with my passion, determination and fast-leaning ability, I am a strong applicant for your University and I am sure I would make my own contribution to this field in the future.
By Xuedi Han

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