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歐洲管理學assignment:management audit of ramsay heslth care

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組織:拉姆齊醫療保健(RHC) 商業部門:衛生保健部門 審計介紹 管理審計從環境分析開始,然后描述拉姆齊的使命和治理。接下來,結合swot分析對拉姆齊的戰略地位進行了分析,并對拉姆齊
Organisation: Ramsay Health Care (RHC)
Business Sector: Health Care Sector
Audit Introduction
This management audit begins with the environmental analysis and then describes the missions and governance of Ramsay. In the following, it’s the analysis of the strategic position of Ramsay with reference to SWOT analysis and the management function with regard to ethical decision making, culture, and planning leading, organizing and controlling functions. 
The purpose of the management audit is to apply a series of management theories, principle and strategies to analyze and critique the Ramsay Health Care in every aspect. And the ethical decision making, culture and corporate social responsibility (CSR) and PLOC will be used to review RHC. In conclusion, management audit will be summarized with some appropriate recommendations. 
Environment Analysis for different areas and the measures of Ramsay 不同地區的環境分析及拉姆齊的對策
First of all, it’s the Europe that going to be analyzed. The environment has changed a little, which reveals in the quality of wateroffering that has been improved. But there are still some other pollution or environmentissues that have strong connection with the health care industry, like the treatment ofmedical waste. Some cooperates can’t achieve the standard level of medical wastetreatment, so it conducts a lot of resources used without a cost-efficient. As it known to all, environment, human beings and resources are in a same big cycle. One of the integral parts of the 2020Europe growth strategy is promoting good health and reducinginequalities. On the one hand, Word Health Organization (WTO) can address a series of environment problems at the global level. On the other hand, standing on acompany level, especiallyhealth care company, Ramsay Health Care should takemore responsibility in preventing or solving those problems according to the health care industry.
Secondly, it’s the Asia that going to be analyzed. The rapid economy development of Asia has encouraged the development of its health care industry. What’ more, it has made a great achievement. Being one of the top five private hospital-operators in the world,RHC realized that environment protection means a lot and it’s themain duty of developing companies. Besides, it’s the first task that how to deal with the medical wastage in a proper way, because it will have a great influence to the environment. There are several problems thathave to be identified first. For example, some health care institutions don’t classify themedical wastage, and just put them together. Some institutions don’t packthe medical wastage well and just packed it up without any notes on it. What's worse, some institutions deal with it with a great amount of people which causes a big problem for people to solve it.
To a great extent,environmental policy mostly influences the Human health and well-being, but they are addressed in a dispersedway at present. Currently the focus is more on production. The consumption decisionmaking needs to be informed in advance to prevent, which admitsuncertainties, particularly for someemerging issues just like nanotechnology.UltimatelyHuman health and well-being are based on a quite reasonable andmature system which consist ofthe resources demonstration. Thesynergies and trade-offs results from the inter-dependencies between the core recourse, such as food, water, energy and other materials, which affects mostly the human health and well-being in the form ofthe impacts of environment. 
From the data from the EEA and the assessment of it, airpollution remains a large environmental health risk. Despite how itaffects other pollution, when the medical wastage incinerates, gem willcome out as well. That’s why Ramsay Health Care is keep striving for improvingcontinual environmental performance indifferent ways which arepractical, cost-effective, environment-friendly, commercial and alsomeaningful. As ecosystems are well connected with each part, it isnecessary to implement an environment an environmental managementsystem and program. This kind of program or project is designed toconsider all the pollution factors together to save resources as well as make it running more effectively. 
As the leader of this industry,Ramsay's activities are based on analyzing,identifying and monitoring the environmental impact. According tothis more realistic information, Ramsay will possibly take themeasures. 90 % companies or people can find out wherethe problem is, but it's hard for them to offer the solution. Now, Ramsay isdesigning a program for reviewing environmental aspects for theirbusiness. Through this risk-based program, it becomes much easierand more proper for them to conduct a correct action plan. Therefore, it’s quite reasonable and sensible no matter standing on the company level or the staff or even the citizen level.
Missions and Governance
The “missions” here is more likely to be replaced by “the Ramsay Way”. The core value of The Ramsay Way is “People Caring for People” which has been developed for over 25 yearsand this has been the key to the RHC’s ongoing success(RHC 2017).Improving the patient care in all areas and applying the influence of itself to encouraging other companies create a culture or a core value like “People Caring People”.
RHC values
“Ramsay Health Care’s value has become synonymous with Ramsay Health Care and the way it operates its business. We recognize that we operate in an industry where “care” is not just a value statement, but a critical part of the way we must go about our daily operations in order to meet the expectations of our customers – our patients and our staff.” (RHC 2017)
The principles of the Ramsay Way
Governance Framework: the Board and its Standing Committees 
Ramsay Health Care’s governance framework is ensuring that everything and everyone in the company can be effectively managed. The statutory obligations are met and the culture of individual and group integrity. As the RamsayWay is reinforced, Ramsay Health Care keeps firm and undependable in maintaining the culture and principles of the Ramsay Way across all aspects of its business, despite the loss of the architect of the Ramsay Way, founder and Chairman Mr. Paul Ramsay AO, on 1 May 2014.The following will 
Board Charter
The role of the Board is to effectively represent and promote the interests of the Company’sshareholders by creating long-term and sustainable shareholder value and to act as prudentstewards of shareholder funds.The Board is accountable to the shareholders for the management of the Company’sbusiness and affairs, and as such is responsible for the overall strategy, governance andperformance of the Company. 
Board Committee Functions
Audit Committee Assist the Board of Ramsay Health Care Limitedin discharging its responsibilities to safeguard the integrity of the Company’s and the Group’s financialreporting and the system of internal control.
People &Remuneration Committee Oversee, review and make recommendations to the Board in respect ofthe Company’s remuneration framework and practices generally, including their alignment with the Company’s values, strategy and performance.

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